Mamod and Bowman Showcase

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Some images of the finest toy steam engines manufactured in this country...

A near mint SE2 and tools complete with very rare blue box
A rare drawn or spun boiler MM2 from c1949-52
A rare SE2 model from c1946-48

A superb Mamod SE2 from 1949-53

Rare Mamod engines and tools at STIA 2011

Classic steam toys on show at Kempton, May 2011

Dereham build Bowmans - M122, M135, M140, M&E158, E101, M167 and M180

The Bowman M122 twin from the late 1920s

A very rare Mamod SE1 from 1946 fitted with base-mount chimney

A recently refurbished 'transitional' SE1 from c1958

Mamod SE3s from the late 1960s - early 1970s

Four major SE3 variations

The simple and powerful Bowman M167 in steam

The 1937 Mamod SE4 twin

Detail of the SE4 engine unit showing the turned brass flywheel and disc-cranks

An early Mamod SE3 dating from 1958

Details of the 'cross slitted' PW203 burner - some had one longitudinal slot

Detail of the M122's twin cylinder engine and drip oilers


Details of the superb engine on the PW203 - note felt insert on piston