The 1960 Carlton Flyer
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An overview of the 1960 Carlton Flyer 

Flyers from c1960 and 1964

1960 Flyer and a proud owner

This is my second Flyer and was purchased in January 2017 from the former Carlton webiste owner, Jerry Mortimore.

This is a beautiful machine finished in a deep metallic/flamboyant dark red with contrasting ivory panelling with chrome plating on the bottom sections of the rear triangle. The 24" frame is on an H prefix and features Carlton long line lugs along with typical Carlton Flyer wrap over seat stays. The frame is 531 DB tubing. Forks are all chrome, factory fitted and have a different rake to the 64 Flyer, giving this machine a shorter wheelbase.
Overall this frame has very close clearances and will be kept as a superb lightweight machine with minimum additions.

The machine is equipped with Campagnolo Gran sports mechs, a Campag BB as well as headset. Brakes are Weinmann 500s, the only ones that will fit the front fork! Saddle is an original Brooks Swallow, bars are GB with drilled stem, brake hoods/levers are by Weinmann. Lightweight Dunlop 27" rims have Bayliss Wiley large flange hubs, with a flip flop rear. Gripfast wing nuts secure both axles. 10-speed gearing is a high ratio step geared set up with a 53/48 Williams chainwheel. Real 'beefcake' gearing! Tyres are original Continental Super Sport clinchers.

Red cloth tape and red Christophe toe clip straps (On SA clips) complete this exceptionally gorgeous machine.