In this section of the steam pages you will find a little more background to the engines in my collection as well a good deal more detailed images.


The humble SE2a, although strictly speaking not a new aquisition, was renovated expertly this June and July 2007. Initially being aquired in 2005 this engine had languished in the workshop for some time, before being brought back to full working order. This is a 1972-75 model with meths burner spirit lamp. Note that this has been a renovation and not a restoration - the base plate has been painted (by hand) in a non-standard signal red. The repaint necessitated a complete strip down and on re-build the engine frame and block were reattached with new 'pop' rivets.


The M122D - a term adopted by me as it has a dynamo attached!, is an ongoing project. Parts are still to be sought for this engine which was purchased as a near wreck. This engine is a natural progression of the Bowman M130, which was a single cylindered engine with built-in dynamo on the base. The colour scheme has been reversed by the webmaster to give this refurb a dinstinctive professional look.



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Recent additons to the stable include a rare boxed Merit 1540 standard engine by J & L Randall (Of SEL fame) as well as a boxed example of a 1954 SE2. Finally, a rare example of a Plane products 'Latimer' L5 was acquired in December 2008.

Also on the Bowman front an M167 was secured in July 2008. A better preserved Bowman M158 has now been added to the stable to compliment the E158. A very small Bowman M180 was added in December 2007.

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Video of the Luton Bowman PW203's first run in May 2007


The MFtwin was a new addition to the collection in July 2007. Built by Ian Grantham of Sussex, it is a faithful replica of Mamod's most elusive model, the 1939 Minor twin, of which fewer than 100 were made. This is number 004 of the first production batch of 10. The production run will number 100 in total, after which no more will be made.

Use the link below to place your order.The excellent site gives some background to these truly fascinating engines. Remember this is a strictly limited production, pricing and delivery costs are available from the site.



The MFtwin website