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All decal sheets are American A4 (210mm x 280mm), laser printed at 1200dpi, either clear carrier base or white decal waterslide paper or matt or gloss sticky paper. Clear base is better for the light 'base' colours, the white is better for example fireboxes. Decals are supplied 'clean' for the owner to distress and weather to their requirements, unless its a total refurb to 'as new' condition! I find that a coat of clear waterbased varnish will help 'fix' the mark and protect from oil and water. The actual makeup of the sheet you require is entirely up to you! As many as 30 decals (Mamod 'oval' type) can be fitted onto one sheet. The table below shows the designs currently available, more will be added when ready. If there is a logo or trademark you require and it is not listed here - please feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page. The trademarks reproduced here are the most comprehensive available anywhere on the web.
It should be noted that although these decals are intended as that finishing touch to a renovation, they still are very accurate, professionally redrawn copies direct from the orignals, (beware of amateurish examples crudely 'drawn' which can destroy the look and effect of a renovated engine). The originals did/do vary in colour and quality during their respective production lives. All the designs here are based on my own examples of each decal/trade mark - there may well be colour differences between yours and mine, please bear this in mind. One popular myth is that early decals were bright shiney gold, in fact they were considerably duller and were more of a hint of metallic than anything else, as the printing technology simply did not exist. Nothing ruins an engine more than a bright metallic decal placed upon a clean but unrestored (or restored) engine. Later decals such as the 'scalloped edge' variety were a flat metallic gold.
Note: always try to preserve an original decal or trademark at all costs, especially on early and rare machines. Only if a mark is so badly worn should you even begin to consider replacing it.

Mamod 1937-46/7 REF 001


Mamod 1946/7-53 REF 002


Mamod 1953-58 REF 003


Hobbies 1936-39 REF 004


Mamod 1958-65 REF 005


Mamod 1965-85 REF 006


Mamod 1967-85  REF 007


SEL up to 1965  REF 008


Griffin and George c1969-72 REF 009


Bowman 1927-35  REF 010


Luton Bowman (red) 1946-50  REF 011


Luton Bowman (blue) 1946-1950  REF 012


Meccano MEC1  REF 013


DV1 and DV2 REF 015


Luton Bowman (cream) 1946-50 REF 016


Weeden stationaries meths/electric REF 017


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Bowman/Hobbies boats c1920s/1930s REF 018


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Some tips on using the decals: Mamod
Decal 001 is very useful for pre-war Mamods, it does appear on some post war tools as well, for example Minor 2's and lineshafts. 002 was used in the immediate war years probably up to 1954. It can be used on the bases of tools as well as the base plates of the SE1 and 2. Some MM2s had a firebox with this decal attached. 003 was used for a short period around the early/mid 1950s possibly up until the early 1960s. The new raised based stationary range of the period used this decal (including the lineshaft). The large 004 decal was introduced around the time of the introduction of the SE3 (1957) it was applied to the firebox side. The MM1 and 2 also used this decal. It has appeared on the base of the firebox on some early SR1s and TE1s. 006 appeared around the mid 1960s and was used primarily on the MM1 and the SE3, note on the SE3 it was applied to the firebox end panel. 007 appeared roughly around the same time as 006 and was used on the firebox sides of the SE range. It has also been used on the baseplate of the lineshaft as well as the underside of the SA1 roadster, MEC1/SP3 and the oil can. Both 006 and 007 were used up until 1985 when the stationary range was rationalised.
Decals for Bowman and Luton Bowman
The versions here can be used on all Bowman and Luton Bowman products. The original Bowman decals sometimes varied in size - the replacement version can be made to your exact dimentions. The Luton Bowman decals are shown with either a red, cream or blue background - both are suitable for the PW201/2/3.
Griffin and George trademark
The mark shown here is as it appears on the G&G SE3 engine which appeared in 1969. The original was made from a sticky foil and attached to the engine baseplate near the flywheel. The mark can be applied to later G&G badged engines if you so wish, although later rectangular label with revised Griffin logo will be eventually added too.
The version shown here is very similar to the Mamod logo of the same period. It can appear to be either blue or blue/green - precise colour matching can be done if so needed. Ideal for all engines produced by Malins 1936-40.

Please note that the two images of the amateurish attempt at a Mamod decal were photographed by the webmaster from samples supplied by a disgruntled member of Modelsteam forum. The decals were returned to the owner after photographing.
Please use the enquiry form below BEFORE placing any orders, to make sure I get your requirements correct.
All A4 decal sheets will cost £10.00 + £2.50 P&P, (overseas postage at cost), irrespective of the number of decals on the sheet and whether the decals are reproduced on waterslide or sticky paper backing.
Any specialist design/alteration work would be charged at cost.
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